Fayette County Barn Quilts

If you like to explore the countryside, love old barns and quilts, you can spend days in Northeast Iowa. Novices should know that “Barn Quilts” are not really quilts but rather the patterns of our favorite quilts translated into paintings. Some are elaborate, some are simple. You may see one on a barn in the middle of now where or fifteen on a barn along the highway. As you enjoy the colors, see how many patterns you can find and notice the different types of barns be sure to take in the character of the countryside and the rural lifestyle that makes Northeast Iowa a great day for a Sunday drive!

In 2006, a tour-loop was developed with quilt blocks placed on historic and “not-so-historic” barns in eastern Fayette County. In the spring of 2007, the Fayette County Barn Quilt volunteers began determining a route featuring sites in the western part of the county. The route will travel on hard-surfaced roads only, as does the eastern loop. Watch for details, or contact one of the numbers listed below for more information about the western loop. The Barn Quilts of Fayette County project would not have been possible without a $4,996 grant from the Fayette County Community Foundation. In addition to other financial contributions, there were donations of paint, and numerous donations of volunteer hours building, painting, delivering and putting the quilt blocks into place – and not always on the nicest days of Northeast Iowa’s typical beautiful weather!

Check out the map HERE.